by Dave Manuwal

Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk provided by Gael Bissell

The second most important source of bird mortality in North America is colliding with windows (American Bird Conservancy). Flathead Audubon has an opportunity to measure the importance of mortality associated with birds hitting windows of our homes. We propose to record all birds that die from hitting our windows for a period of one year (Sept.1, 2022-Aug. 31, 2023). Most of us have bird feeders during the winter and some winter residents do hit our windows.

 We encourage all of our members to participate in this study. It’s easy. Here is all you have to do:

Contact Dave Manuwal ( to enroll.

Tell us when you start to observe the areas around your windows for dead birds. After a year, we would like to know how many days you recorded information on window mortality (that includes days with no mortality).

Contact Dave when you find a bird. If you are not sure of its identity, photograph it and send Dave the photo.

We will prepare a report that will be published in the Pileated Post. We will also provide suggestions as to how to reduce bird mortality from window collisions.