American Pika – photo by Jake Bramante

Rocky Mountain Wild has developed a new Pika Patrol mobile app.This new app will help the community and scientists alike to track observations and monitor populations of the climate-sensitive American pika. By making it easier for hikers, community members, and visitors to record pika observations, we can gather even more data on this charismatic mountain dweller!

“Each summer, thousands of hikers see pikas dashing around rocky slopes above the treeline,” said Megan Mueller, Conservation Biologist at Rocky Mountain Wild. “With Pika Patrol, there is now a simple way for them to record these pika sightings and share their observations with scientists. “The app was designed to be easy to use. All you need to participate is a mobile device.

And documenting pikas is just the start! The new app also includes a carbon offset program, which will connect users with opportunities to take direct action to protect pikas and their habitats.

“Pika Patrol shows you how to offset the carbon emissions from your drive through a donation to the Colorado Carbon Offset Partnership,” said Dr. Nicole Rosmarino, executive director of the Southern Plains Land Trust. “These donations directly preserve grasslands in Colorado that sequester carbon, which helps pikas cope with climate change and creates a permanent refuge for prairie wildlife.”

Pika Patrol is available for free in the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Visit the Pika Patrol page to download the app for free.

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