Highlights from the January 3, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

  • Plans were initiated for holding a raffle of larger donated items, in addition to continuing the silent auction held during the annual meeting.
  • Rod Wallette, Treasurer, confirmed that the insurance policies have been renewed, and per guidance from our investment manager, will provide information for the February meeting about changing the mixture of the investment components.
  • Margaret Parodi reported on the upcoming field trips, and is seeking suggestions for more/new people to lead field trips. Bob Lee noted that plans are being made for the field trip to Freezout Lake.
  • Denny Olson is working with the STEAM alliance committee (school curriculum), is continuing work on the Natives Rule video (starring Kathy Ross), and is working with Linda de Kort (West Valley Naturalists) to consider some co-sponsored activities. Cindy and Tom Roberts explained the barriers to contacting local teachers about our education resources. Cindy and Denny will make some contacts with school administrators to try to get classroom activities started again.