by Rod Wallette

Flathead Audubon is always looking to the future in securing our ongoing operations and promoting sustainability. To this end we have recently established a permanent endowment fund. This endowment is a permanent special account, held and invested by Whitefish Community Foundation. This endowment grows over time allowing Flathead Audubon to be able to take annual distributions. The beauty of a permanent endowment is that this distribution grows as the fund grows and provides crucial operating income every year in perpetuity so Flathead Audubon can continue to run programs. Donors wishing to leave a legacy through a bequest can set this up through the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Legacy Fund program.

A significant benefit in contributing to our permanent endowment fund is the Montana Endowment Tax Credit which allows the donor to save on their Montana State income tax liability. Donors may receive a state income tax credit of 40% of the present value of a qualifying planned gift, up to $10,000 per year for an individual ($20,000 if filing jointly).

Flathead Audubon’s permanent endowment fund is operated and maintained solely by Whitefish Community Foundation. All inquiries or donations are done through Whitefish Community Foundation. They can be contacted at (406) 863-1781 or through their website at