Highlights from the February 7th, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

  • Rod Wallette, Treasurer, reported that WCF has discontinued the Day of Giving fundraiser, he is seeking bids to renew the FAS insurance policies, and the Montana Audubon Wildlife Grant application will be submitted.  Rod also initiated continuing discussion about investments/endowments at WCF, and it was agreed that a final decision should be made at the March meeting.
  • Jake Bramante explained the equipment and set-up being used to hold the hybrid (live and Zoom) meeting as a test run for the January public meeting.  He also reviewed the status of equipment purchases and gave a report on the progress of switching to a new data base management program.
  • The Birds and Cats brochure was reviewed and the Board approved going forward, so it will be reviewed by a Humane Society representative, then the final wording formatted by a graphic designer.  
  • Denny Olson reported that the script and work on the Native Plants video is moving forward and filming will be completed in the spring; the deer exclosure structure in OSNA was completed and he can now look for a teacher/class to complete baseline information and monitor growth; and, he is working on creating the new education trunk on Osprey.

Nominees Requested

Hard to believe but the FAS elections for 2022 are quickly approaching. This year we will elect a Secretary and a Treasurer. Pam Williston and Rod Wallette have agreed to run again for those positions, respectively. Others are also welcome to run for those positions if interested. We’ve had a trying couple of years; if you are ready to get out and be involved, a Director position for Flathead Audubon is just the ticket. Everyone is welcome as there is no limit to the number of Directors on the Board. If you, or anyone you know, would make a good Director, please contact Bob Lee. Bob’s email is RML3@centurytel.net and cell is 270-0371.

Nongame Wildlife Program

When filling out your Montana tax form this year, think “wildlife” by donating to the Nongame Wildlife Program, found on Form 2, page 11, under Contributions. If your taxes are prepared, tell your accountant that you want to donate to wildlife! Your contributions are tax deductible on next year’s return. Montana has more than 500 species of “nongame” animals that benefit from public support each year at tax time. Since 1983, the check-off has contributed over $27,000 annually to this important wildlife program.

Tribute Gifts Dec 1, 2021 – Feb 18, 2022

  • Leonard Boselovic in honor of Katherine Stone
  • Carol Risher Brouha in memory of June Ash
  • Joey Kositzky in the name of Jerry Lundgren and Alice Ford
  • Ellen Sullivan in memory of June Ash 
  • Linda and John Winnie in memory of June Ash