Presented by Holli Holmes

Holli collecting eDNA – Photo provided by Holli Holmes

One glance at a Harlequin Duck (HADU) and even non-birders know they’ve seen something special. HADU are whitewater specialists and one of the hardiest sea ducks there are. They spend eight months of the year along the costs of sub-arctic and arctic regions then migrate to fast moving, whitewater mountain streams to breed. Montana and Idaho are the southern extent of their breeding range and biologists and land managers in the region have struggled to get their finger on the pulse of how HADU populations are doing, due to the ruggedness of their habitat.

In a large-scale collaborative effort, University of Montana master’s student and Glacier National Park wildlife technician, Holli Holmes, is working with land managers across Montana and Idaho to investigate three, non-invasive survey methods for studying HADU with the goal of laying the basis for building a new region-wide monitoring program. 

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