presented by Denny Olson

Denny Olson at the Owen Sowerwine Natural Area on Jan. 17, 2022. (JP Edge photo)

In Denny’s checkered past, he has performed alter-egos Critterman, Doc Wild, Professor Avian Guano, The Lost Voyageur, Dr. Loonacy and the Mad Herbalist well over 3000 times in 49 states, has trained hundreds of teachers and nature interpreters in storytelling, published 5 books on the relationships between humans and the rest of nature, presented 99 keynotes at conferences, 19 college presentations, and 50 special event presentations. He “got around a bit” before saying bye-bye to work travel and settling into his all-time favorite role as Flathead Audubon’s Conservation Educator. 

Since he remains immature (and proud!), he has taken that energy into expanding the FAS education program with video production, designing student learning kits with an emphasis on fun, and promoting the value of birds to anyone who will listen. Denny will bring along several of the new Learning Kits for you to play with, explain the recent history and evolution of the FAS Education Program, and introduce you to some students in the programs. Want to know where your contributions go? Here’s your chance to find out. 

This will be an interactive evening, where YOU have permission to get out of passive chairs and be a kid again!