Getting Approval for Group Activities

Organizations or individuals wishing to hold a group activity at OSNA must obtain written permission from Montana Audubon or Flathead Audubon. Contact Pam Willison.

No fee may be charged for an activity at OSNA.

Flagging or other visual aids must be removed from OSNA by the end of the event.

The activity leader will be asked to take an OSNA Monitoring Form to the event, fill out all the top portion and all parts pertaining to the places visited, and return it to the address on form. The form is available on the FAS website.

Request for permission to hold an organized group activity at OSNA should include:

  • Name of organization(s) or individual(s) organizing and sponsoring the activity.
  • Nature and purpose of activity.
  • Number of participants expected.
  • Whether participation is restricted or open to the public.
  • Date, and estimated beginning and end times of activity.
  • Portion of OSNA to be used.
  • Statement that no fee will be charged.
  • Person(s) who will be leading or overseeing the activity.
  • Contact person for the organization(s), with phone number and email address.

Participants in a group activity at OSNA are required by law to have a State Land Recreational Use Permit, unless the activity is sponsored by Flathead or Montana Audubon. Co-sponsorship may be sought at the time permission for group use is requested.