Board of Directors and Committees

Flathead Audubon Board of Directors, Meetings and Committees

The general business of Flathead Audubon, including oversight of chapter activities and making policy decisions, is handled by the Officers and Board of Directors. Board meetings are open to all who are interested. The Flathead Audubon Board of Directors meets monthly, September through May, in the Conference Room at Gateway Community Center, 1203 US 2 West, Kalispell, MT  59901.  All are welcome.

Flathead Audubon has a number of very active Committees that organize and carry out the Chapter’s various specific projects. Committee meetings are also open to all who are interested. Please contact the Committee Chair for information on meeting times and places.  Standing Committees and their duties are enumerated in ARTICLE VII–Other Committees of the CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS.

The Board and the Committees always welcome members to help with projects. Any member who is interested in joining the Board or a particular Committee in their work should contact the Chapter President or the Chair of the Committee of interest.

To contact any member listed below, click HERE


President Gael Bissell
Vice President Cory Davis
Secretary Pam Willison
Treasurer Rod Wallette
Past President Kay Mitchell


2016-2019 Cory Davis
2017-2020 Rod Wallette
2018-2021 Jan Metzmaker
2018-2021 Jake Bramante
2018-2021 Diane Boyd
2018-2019 Bob Lopp
2018-2019 Carole Jorgensen
2018-2019 Gail Linne
2018-2019 Bob Lee
2018-2019 Kathy Ross
2018-2019 Mike Fanning
2018-2019 Derrick Rathe

Committee Chairs

Conservation Lewis Young, Carole Jorgensen
Education Tom and Cindy Roberts
Field Trips Kathy Ross, Margaret Parodi
Finance Mike Fanning, Joe Batts, Bruce Tannehill
Donations Mary Nelesen
Hospitality Cory Davis, Joe Batts
Membership Mike Fanning
Newsletter Linda Winnie, Lewis Young, John Hughes
Nominations Bob Lee
Owen Sowerwine Natural Area Linda Winnie, Bob Lee
Program Bob Lee
Publicity Jan Metzmaker
Sales Jill Fanning
Refuges Vacant
Website Jake Bramante

Conservation Educator