Education Videos

We’ve been hard at work putting together educational videos to learn about birds, their habitat, their troubles, and things you can do to help them! Browse below for our full catalog of excellent educational content!

Natives Rule!

Flathead Audubon Society explains (1) how “natives” came to be, (2) the intricate relationships between native plants, native insects and native birds, and (3) how to help recover dwindling bird populations through growing native plants on your own property.

Learning Bird Song: A Systematic Approach

Flathead Audubon Society Conservation Educator Denny Olson presents a method for learning bird songs through the detective’s process of elimination — using his unusual ability to mimic bird songs.

Sandhill Cranes: Voices from the Miocene

Learn about the natural history and behavior of the highly intriguing and charismatic Sandhill Crane from Flathead Audubon’s conservation educator, Denny Olson.

Birds Rock!

Birds are everywhere, in the background, and taken or granted. Professor Avian Guano, Bir.D., lightheartedly explains seven reasons why birds are critical to our survival and the balance of ecosystems everywhere on the Planet.

Bird Trouble

The whimsical and eccentric Professor Avian Guano outlines the troubles that North American and Montana birds have had in the last 50 years, and their prospects for the future. Beautiful bird footage and a lighthearted approach to a very serious topic. Part 2 of a three-video series with “Birds Rock!” and ” Bird Help”.

Bird Help

Professor Avian Guano, Bir.D., narrates (light-heartedly, as usual) the finale of a bird education “trilogy” describing how we all can personally help our bird populations thrive after a half-century of decline. The small changes we can make in our homes, yards and local activism will be easy, and reap great benefits to our benefactors, the birds. The previous YouTube videos “Birds Rock!” and “Bird Trouble” precede this one as a complete bird educator sequence.