Birds of the Flathead Valley

The Flathead Valley is a special place for birds. It’s a wonderful mix of grasslands, agricultural fields, wetlands, forest, and alpine areas. A quick way to see what others are finding (and where they are looking) is to visit the Flathead area of eBird, found by clicking here. The eBird site is a great place to find historical records, abundance, hotspots, and loads of other valuable information for productive birding.

Sound recordings of local species are available as a CD collection by clicking here. Our resident recordist, Bruce Tannehill has spent years recording local birds. This CD gives you access to the area’s local vocalizations of our birds.

Below are a few more resources including articles we’ve written on species as well as brochures with info on local hotspots.

Additional Resources:

Bird of the Month

Birds of Flathead Valley: Full Brochure

Birding Guide to Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana

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