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Archived Meetings

April 2021 – Of Ravens, Wolves, and People by John Marzluff

John discusses his research of ravens and their interaction with wolves and humans in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. More info on the presentation here.

March 2021 – Trumpeter Swan Life History and Recovery by Franz Ingelfinger

Franz weaves the life history and recovery efforts of the Trumpeter Swan showing how it started and the successes to date. More info on the presentation here.

February 2021 – Instrumented Bird Nest Boxes and Wildlife Tracking Technologies by Doug Bonham

Doug explores the past, present, and future of wildlife tracking technologies including his recent project involving monitoring nest boxes. More info the on the presentation here.

January 2021 – Montana’s Amazing Native Fish: where truth is stranger than fiction by Beth Gardner

Beth has picked out 7 odd-ball species found here in Montana and will give us the inside scope on their hidden life underwater. More info on the presentation here.

October 2020 – Flight of Hummingbirds by Bret Tobalske

Bret explores the diverse aspects of the hummingbird’s biological form and function that facilitate their prowess in flight. More info on the presentation here.


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