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April 2024 – The Life and Science Behind Arctic Shorebird nest Monitoring by Anna Von Duyke

Anna shares the triumphs, joys, and struggles of monitoring shorebird nests in the Arctic. Full of wonderful anecdotes, great information on the Arctic and it’s inhabitants, and just fun storytelling from the life of the remote field technician.

March 2024 – Natives Rule! Converting your space into a bird sanctuary by Kathy Ross, Jessie Walthers, and Mackenzie Dey

Kathy, Jessie, and Mackenzie show us not only how important native plants are to our backyards, but how to implement more native plants in them so that we have more native bugs, more birds, and better compatibility to our environment.

February 2024 – A Naturalist’s Journey to Antarctica by Lou Bruno

Lou Bruno takes us on a tour of Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands.

January 2024 – Avian Predators of Glacier National Park by Jami Belt, Dee Baginski, and Jess Garby

Jami Belt, Dee Baginski, and Jess Garby of Glacier National Park discuss the citizen science efforts to monitor Common Loons and Golden Eagles in Glacier National Park.

December 2023 – A Decade of Rare Forest Carnivore Monitoring: Lessons Learned by Sara Lamar

Sara Lamar, Education Director of Swan Valley Connections, shares the results of a decade of monitoring exciting and elusive forest carnivores, specifically Canada Lynx and Wolverine.

Jewel Basin Time Lapse – 2023 season

November 2023 – Step Into the World of Owls – by Denver Holt

Denver Holt, founder and president of Owl Research Institute, shows us the amazing work they’re doing to understand these mysterious birds.

October 2023 – Birding the Seven Continents – by Gary Swant

Gary Swant, author and owner of GoBird Montana takes us on a world tour of birds across all seven continents.

April 2023 – Advancing Field and Analytical Techniques to Inform Avian Conservation – by Victoria Dreitz

Dr. Victoria Dreitz of the University of Montana and Avian Science Center discusses research her team (including university students) have worked on to help managers make science-based decisions.

March 2023 – Investigating Non-Invasive Survey Methods for Studying the Harlequin Duck – by Holli Holmes

Holli Holmes, Masters student at the University of Montana and wildlife technician at Glacier National Park shares her exciting research on new ways to survey the charismatic Harlequin Duck.

February 2023 – CSKT Bison Range – by Stephanie Gillin

Stephanie Gillin from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes discusses the management of the CSKT Bison Range. Find out more about the Bison range by visiting

January 2023 – I Bird, You Bird, eBird – by Dan Casey

Dan Casey shares his knowledge of eBird, how to input data, find birds, and learn more about the data collected and analyzed.

December 2022 – The Pribilof Islands: the “Galápagos of the North” – by Erick Greene

Erick Greene compared the Pribilof Islands, located between Alaska and Russia, to the warmer Galápagos Islands. He gave the history of the island and shared his research into the beloved Gray-crowned Rosy-finches that inhabit the island year-round.

November 2022 – Becoming a Kid Again! New Horizons in the Flathead Audubon Education Program – by Denny Olson

Denny Olson shared his history, our approach to education, and our exciting vision moving forward to get kids outside and in touch with the wonderful outdoor classroom we have in them Flathead Valley.

October 2022 – Costa Rica – A Birder’s Paradise – by Josh Covill

Josh Covill gave us a tour of the rich habitats of Costa Rica and the incredible amounts of birds and other fauna that live in this small, biodiverse-rich country. From costal grasslands to cloud-rainforests, Josh gives us tips and tricks for visiting the country all the while sharing magnificent photos of birds you’ll encounter along the way.

September 2022 – Birds of the Noatak National Preserve, Alaska – by David Manuwal

Our very own David Manuwal regaled his adventures as a young scientist studying birds in the virtually unexplored and very wild Noatak River drainage in northern Alaska in the early ’70s. His research, as well as that of other scientists on the expedition from a variety of disciplines, helped the National Park Service present to Congress the recommendation to create the Noatak Natural Preserve.

May 2022 special guest – Winter Birds and Their Feed Preference by Asher Stanfield

Seventh grader Asher Stanfield shared his science project about winter birds and their feed preference. His science fair project caught the eye of our education committee as well as those at the state science fair level where he won the first-place Grand Award for seventh graders.

May 2022 – Shrimp, Salmon, and Trout: Invasive Chowder in Flathead Lake by Tom Bansak

Tom discusses the role of the biological station in monitoring Flathead Lake as well as the history of native and non-native species in the Flathead, how that’s changed over time, and what they see as the biggest challenges moving forward.

April 2022 – The Boom of Outdoor Recreation and the Importance of Promoting Sustainable Behavior by Dillon Tabish

Dillon discusses the rise of outdoor recreation, what Montana FWP is doing about it, and how we can help get the message out to Recreate Responsibly! More info on the presentation here.

March 2022 – “Bird Brain” is a Compliment! by Denny Olson

Denny shed some new light on our pre-conceived notions on the intelligence of birds. More info on the presentation here.

February 2022 – The Challenges of Grassland Bird Conservation by Dan Casey

Dan discussed his work on grasslands preservation primarily with ranchers to help grassland birds and their preferred habitats. More info on the presentation here.

January 2022 – Sharp-tailed Grouse Restoration in Western Montana by Ben Deeble

Ben presented the efforts underway to reintroduce Sharp-tailed Grouse to their historical ranges in Western Montana. More info on the presentation here.

December 2021 – Ecological Effects of Recolonizing Wolves in Washington by Aaron Wirsing

Aaron presented his fascinating research on the recolonization of wolves in Washington state, specifically on their effects on different deer species. More info on the presentation here.

November 2021 – A Tribute to Military Veterans Who Became Ornithologists or Wildlife Biologists by David Manuwal

During Veterans Day Week David Manuwal presented a tribute to military veterans who became ornithologists or wildlife biologists. More info on the presentation here.

October 2021 – Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad: forest carnivore monitoring in the Swan, Clearwater, and Blackfoot Valleys by Mark Ruby

Mark elaborates on the study of some of our elusive mammals including Canada Lynx, Wolverines, and Fishers through tracking, bait stations, and game cameras. More info on the presentation here.

September 2021 – The 17 Year Itch – the emergence of Brood X Cicadas in parts of the Eastern U.S. by David Manuwal

Dave recounts his journey back to Indiana to witness this years emergence of cicadas and how they relate to some of the species we have out here in northwestern Montana. More info on the presentation here.

May 2021 – Un Año Andalúz : Research Insights and Outdoor Experiences from a Fulbright Year in Europe’s Birding Mecca by Charles B. van Rees

Charles discusses research he did near Seville Spain as well as the wonderful birding in the surrounding area. More info on the presentation here.

April 2021 – Of Ravens, Wolves, and People by John Marzluff

John discusses his research of ravens and their interaction with wolves and humans in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. More info on the presentation here.

March 2021 – Trumpeter Swan Life History and Recovery by Franz Ingelfinger

Franz weaves the life history and recovery efforts of the Trumpeter Swan showing how it started and the successes to date. More info on the presentation here.

February 2021 – Instrumented Bird Nest Boxes and Wildlife Tracking Technologies by Doug Bonham

Doug explores the past, present, and future of wildlife tracking technologies including his recent project involving monitoring nest boxes. More info the on the presentation here.

January 2021 – Montana’s Amazing Native Fish: where truth is stranger than fiction by Beth Gardner

Beth has picked out 7 odd-ball species found here in Montana and will give us the inside scope on their hidden life underwater. More info on the presentation here.

October 2020 – Flight of Hummingbirds by Bret Tobalske

Bret explores the diverse aspects of the hummingbird’s biological form and function that facilitate their prowess in flight. More info on the presentation here.


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