Flathead Audubon Field Trip Guidelines

The intrepid field trip group spotting hawks – Photo Credit: Cory Davis


Our goal is to help you have a safe and fun field trip with lots of good birding! Following are our field trip guidelines for the comfort of all participants.


  • We visit the destination prior to the trip to assess parking, accessibility, private property, nests, etc.
  • We limit the size of the group so as not to disturb birds.
  • We inform participants of: meeting location, time, and other plans prior to the trip.
  • We get a contact number from participants, and provide our contact info, in case of last minute cancelations.
  • We also inform participants about the level of accessibility and strenuousness, entrance fees, and rules and regulations of destination.
  • We encourage participants to wear drab clothes.
  • We start on time.
  • We arrange for bathroom stops.
  • We give an Intro that includes your name, destinations, rules and regulations, etc.
  • We organize carpooling before leaving the meeting spot.
  • We report any problems to the Executive Committee.
  • We have fun!


  • We conduct ourselves as exemplary role models to the community.
  • We wear drab colors, layered clothing for the weather, and appropriate footwear.
  • We arrive early and prepare to carpool! Be prepared to jump in with someone else at the meeting spot. Meet some fellow birders and reduce our carbon footprint!
  • We walk and talk quietly.
  • We stay together, keep up, and let others know if our plans need to change.
  • We encourage children to attend, but with an adult. These are our future birders!
  • We discourage bringing pets, as they may unnecessarily disturb the birds.
  • We allow phones/tablets for photos and visual ID and recording devices for post-trip ID.
  • We do not allow bird calling, electronic or otherwise, or pointing lasers.
  • We are careful to remain on public property, unless we receive permission to bird on private property.
  • We obey all rules of the road when driving including only stopping where we can safely and legally pull completely off the road.
  • We help beginning or hesitant birders learn and enjoy.
  • We appreciate our trip leaders for their time, planning, and teaching.
  • We all have fun!

Adopted by FAS Board of Directors 10/2/2017, with thanks to Field Trip Co-Chairs Cory Davis and Kathy Ross