Helping Birds



Lazuli Bunting – Photo Credit: Kurt Lindsey

The Problem

Several scientific studies found that bird populations have declined drastically in recent years. One study indicates we’ve lost over 3 billion birds in the last 50 years. In several articles, Flathead Audubon authors summarize these findings, discuss possible causes of the decline, and its implications for the future of our bird populations.

The articles below include links to the original studies.

Decline of American Avifauna, by Carole Jorgensen

Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink, by Lewis Young

Global Bird Conservation Crisis; State of the World’s Birds, by Dave Manuwal

The Meta-Threat, Conservation Educator’s Niche, by Denny Olson


These startling results are a call to action. Bird support organizations such as National Audubon, the American Bird Conservancy, and Cornell Lab of Ornithology are developing action plans to address habitat loss in this country and internationally, and to put the brakes on one of the major underlying causes, climate change. You can help birds by supporting these efforts. But all of these groups agree that the most important thing YOU can do to help stem the decline is to take appropriate action where you live – at home, in our yard, and in our community,


Drawing from suggestions offered by bird by support organizations we have compiled a list of recommended actions you can take WHERE YOU LIVE – FOR THE BIRDS. Click here to view that list.

To help you get started, we provide below links to articles by Flathead Audubon authors that explain why these actions are important, provide concrete suggestions on what to do, and in some cases include lists of local resources that can help you get started. More articles will be added to the list as they become available – check back frequently to see the new ones.

Three Videos FOR THE BIRDS 

Flathead Audubon has produced a 3-part series of light hearted but serious educational videos you will want to watch. They provide an entertaining but detailed look at things you can do at home and in your yard to help birds. All are hosted by Professor Avian Guano, Bir.D., our eccentric, slightly off-the-wall “edu-tainer”, and outstanding whistler of bird calls and Beatles’ songs.

     BIRDS ROCK! – on why birds are so important to us and our natural world;
     BIRD TROUBLE – on why our bird populations are declining;
     BIRD HELP – on what you can at home and in your yard to bring birds back.

View all three at

Take action at home and in your yard

Click on the name of the article to view it.

Use Native Plants & Adopt Beneficial Yard Practices – FOR THE BIRDS

Creating Bird Song … One Garden at a Time, by Kathy Ross.

Birds, Bugs, Berries & Beds For The Chicks … Native Shrubs in Your Garden, by Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross’ Recommendations for Native Home Gardens in the Flathead Area, compiled by Kathy Ross

Dead Wood, by Carole Jorgensen.

Purchase Carefully – FOR THE BIRDS

Drive Protection of Habitat with your Purchasing Power, by Kathy Ross.

Why You Should Buy a Duck Stamp, by Dave Manuwal.

How to Save Songbirds with your Morning Coffee and other related info, from Cornell Lab’s Bird Academy

Adopt Household Practices that Safeguard Birds – FOR THE BIRDS

Love Your Cats, But …, by Dave Manuwal.

Protect Birds from Colliding with your Windows, by Kathy Ross.

Recycling – for the Birds, by Kathy Ross. This article is revised frequently to provide up-to-date information on what recyclables can be recycled where in Flathead Valley.