Birding in the Flathead Valley

Birding in the Flathead Valley

West Valley Pond Photo Credit: Dick Walker

The Flathead Valley is home to a wide array of birds. The wonderful combination of habitats includes lakes, wetlands, open farmland, and surrounding mountains and forests. We have a lot of favorite places to go and ways to identify what we’re seeing.

We all love seeing birds, whether in our backyards or out in the field. Seeing them, however is only part of why they are amazing. Here are some thoughts on Why Birds Matter to make you love them even more!

Here’s our collection of resources to help you find your next birding adventure in our corner of the world.

Helping Birds

Birds and their habitat need our help! Visit our Helping Birds page to find out what troubles they have and what you can do to help, from planting native shrubs to recycling.

Birds of the Flathead Valley

Explore our list of the most common birds of the Flathead Valley. We’ve even included links in the list to our special “Bird of the Month” section found in our monthly newsletter, the Pileated Post.

Bird ID Resources

Need help in identifying that bird? We’ve got a collection of resources to help you figure out what the name is of that new feathered friend at our Bird ID Resources page.

Birding Hotspots

You’ve got your binoculars and books ready to go… but where do you go? Check out our page of Birding Hotspots to find where you can bird in the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas.

Dates & Seasons

Want to know what birds are around and when? Here’s a nice overview of what you can expect in northwestern Montana throughout the year.

Backyard Bird Feeding

Want to bring the birds to your home? Check our our Backyard Bird Feeding page to find out ways to create habitat and choose feeders/seed to invite some new “feathered friends” to your house.

Birding Community

Flathead Audubon is just one part of the birding community and the even larger conservation community. Find other great organizations and resources in our Birding (and Conservation) Community page.