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We strive to be your Northwest Montana Bird Headquarters. Feel free to return to this site many times for everything "Birdy".
American Avocets feeding Photo Credit: Dick Walker

Annual May Potluck coming May 9th!

We’re excited to announce that our May potluck and silent auction will be back this year! In addition to items that all of us bring for the auction, we have some fantastic additional items. Check them out by clicking here.

Where: Room 26, East side of Gateway Mall (United Way building), along Glenwood Rd, Kalispell
When: Monday, May 9, 2022
Doors Open 5:00 PM, Potluck Dinner 6:00 PM, Meeting Begins 7:00 PM. 

We will not have a virtual component to this meeting due to the number of activities occurring. Please bring your own plates, utensils, and cups. There is no sink to wash dishes so prepare accordingly. Be sure to arrive early enough to look over and bid on silent auction items! Officers and Board Members will also be elected.

Jewel Basin Hawk Watch Report now available

From late August to early November raptors heading south fly along the ridgeline of the Swan Mountain Range. Flathead Audubon in partnership with the Forest Service sponsors the surveying of these migrants at our Jewel Basin Hawk Watch site. This past year was a banner year with record high counts of many species. Learn more about the effort and read the great report prepared by Dan Casey who leads the effort year after year on our Jewel Basin Hawk Watch page.

Amazon Smile

Sign up for AmazonSmile before Christmas shopping and benefit FAS. A portion of each purchase goes to FAS when you select them as your recipient. AmazonSmile is now available in a shopping app for iPhone and Android users. Find out more of how to enable these features by going to the Amazon Smile page and clicking on the "Available in the App" link.

Flathead Audubon's video series is complete

Our talented Conservation Education Coordinator, Denny Olson, has just completed the last of a three part video series (see all videos here). The series entertains while secretly educating you on why birds are amazing (Part 1 - Birds Rock!), how they're in trouble (Part 2 - Bird Trouble), and how you and I can help them out (Part 3 - Bird Help). While you're checking out our videos, you can head over to our Flathead Audubon YouTube Channel to see these and presentations as we post them online. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get future updates (and it helps us out too!).

Past meeting presentations available online

Speaking of videos, we have been recording our general meetings on Zoom and have them available for replay! Want to learn about the natural history of Trumpeter Swans? How wolves and ravens interact in Yellowstone? Head on over to our Videos page to see all of the past presentations.

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It's densely packed like peanut butter suet and can be yours by signing up below*.

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Catch all of the Latest News here!!

Conservation Educator’s Niche – May 2022

by Denny Olson Sometimes those of us in Audubon might get a bit complacent about why we are here. Birding is fun, our programs are entertaining and very informative and our social get-togethers for events or a field trip give us a sense of comradery. But because we live in a place where natural beauty…

Warbler Weekend 2020 at Tally Lake

by Mike Fanning Come and join us at The Tally Lake Campground for an extraordinary two days of birding and relaxing. The Pavilion Campsite at the campground has been reserved for us Sunday afternoon, 2 PM June 12 through Tuesday morning 11 AM June 14. There is space for RV’s and tents for those who…

Earth Day 2022 Celebration Field Trip at Creston Fish Hatchery

by Darcy Thomas Everybody had a bird they wanted to see and I think everyone got their wish today at the Creston Fish Hatchery. Ten birders watched an Osprey  at its’ nest and later watched as the same Osprey dove at a Bald Eagle in another tree a couple of times before the later flew…

2021-2022 Awesome Authors!

by Darcy Thomas Our Bird of the Month authors deserve a wonderful word of praise for their contributions to the newsletter this year. Once again, we had a couple of new authors including Alex Crowley who is a 12-year-old bird lover who wrote about the American Coot and even included his own drawings for the…

Membership Changes

by Jake Bramante If you want to know how complicated keeping track of local and national memberships, Great Fish donations, grant applications, etc have gotten, feel free to ask Mike Fanning (see article thanking the Fannings). We realized that, in order to manage all of these complexities and spread the workload amongst Flathead Audubon, we…

Conservation Corner – May 2022

by David Manuwal In the early evening of September 24, 1962 near South Bend, northern Indiana, there was a brief thunder shower with some wind gusts from the northwest. During the following two days, I found 77 dead birds under a 1100 foot tall television transmitter that were killed during that single storm event. The…

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