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Incoming Snowy Owl Photo Credit: Dick Walker

Hear about the CSKT Bison Range at our February Meeting!

Come to our February General Meeting on February 13th at 7pm to hear Stephanie Gillin, a biologist with the CSKT, discuss the Bison Range. You can find out more by clicking here!

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The 68th Montana Legislature is in session, and the Montana Audubon team of legislative lobbyists are busy working for all of us to defend Montana’s wildlife, wildlife habitat, and bedrock environmental laws. But they need your help. During this legislative session Montana Audubon will again maintain an active “Action Alert Network” that will provide you with the information you need to make your voice heard when important issues come up! To sign up for Network alerts go to https:\\mtaudubon.org/join-our-online-network. You can also access the most recent alert at: https://mtaudubon.org/conservation-policy/take-action/

Flathead Land Trust Proposes Purchase of Conservation Easement on Owen Sowerwine!

Audubon members, neighbors, and friends of Owen Sowerwine are very excited about the possibility of Flathead Land Trust purchasing a perpetual conservation easement on Owen Sowerwine, a State School Trust parcel administered by Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC). Click here to find out more about this exciting development and how you can help make this happen!


Flathead Audubon's video series is complete

Our talented Conservation Education Coordinator, Denny Olson, has just completed the last of a three part video series (see all videos here). The series entertains while secretly educating you on why birds are amazing (Part 1 - Birds Rock!), how they're in trouble (Part 2 - Bird Trouble), and how you and I can help them out (Part 3 - Bird Help). While you're checking out our videos, you can head over to our Flathead Audubon YouTube Channel to see these and presentations as we post them online. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get future updates (and it helps us out too!).

Past meeting presentations available online

Speaking of videos, we have been recording our general meetings on Zoom and have them available for replay! Want to learn about the natural history of Trumpeter Swans? How wolves and ravens interact in Yellowstone? Head on over to our Videos page to see all of the past presentations.

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Catch all of the Latest News here!!

Bigfork CBC 2022 Results

by Craig Hohenberger The 49th annual Bigfork Christmas Bird Count was held Saturday, December 17, under cloudy skies and mild SE winds. Temperatures varied from 19 to 28. Snow depths were about 4 to 6 inches in the valley, and at the eastern edges of the count circle there was up to a foot of…

Kalispell CBC 2022 Results

The 24th Kalispell Christmas Bird Count was held on Sunday, January 1, 2023.   A total of 75 species was recorded, a number which is about average for this count.    Highlights included the 2nd ever Yellow-headed Blackbird (Craig Hohenberger et. al.), the 2nd ever Pied-billed Grebe (Elaine Snyder et al.), the 3rd ever Northern Saw-whet Owl…

Golden-crowned Kinglets

Hardly a Life of Royalty by Karen Nichols Golden-crowned Kinglets are a mystery and a marvel of wintertime survival in the north woods. These grey and olive birds weigh only the mass of two pennies — just bigger than a Rufous Hummingbird. This species is Montana’s smallest permanent resident passerine and it eats insects all…

Flathead Valley Bird Report – February 2023

Rare and Notables – DEC 2022/JAN 2023 Mid-December through mid-January was a period with mostly gray skies, periodic snows, and one period of deep cold. As the snow and lakes iced over, raptor numbers declined, but several species of owls were among the notables. “Winter finches” were scarce, with few reports of redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks…

February 2023 Program – CSKT Bison Range

Presented by Stephanie Gillin On February 13th, Stephanie Gillin, Information and Education Program Manager for the Confederated Tribes, will talk about the Bison Range Restoration. Stephanie has been a Wildlife Biologist for 21 years with the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribal Wildlife Management Program. She has worked with students, both on and off the Reservation,…

January 2023 presentation on using eBird available for replay!

At our January, 2023 General Meeting, Dan Casey gave a hands on tour of how to use eBird. This included how to input data using your computer or phone, how to find birds where you plan on birding next by using others’ submissions, the amazing reports and information Cornell is coming out with because of…

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