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We strive to be your Northwest Montana Bird Headquarters. Feel free to return to this site many times for everything "Birdy".
Yellow Warbler Photo Credit: Dick Walker

Birdathon is Back (and better than ever!)

We decided to bring back the Birdathon this year, but totally reimagined! Yes, you'll still get to run all around the Flathead Valley looking for as many bird species, but this year, there isn't just two big teams, but many many teams! No need to go out and get pledges either. After you and your team pay the entry fee, you'll bird all day followed by a fun picnic where we'll regail all of our adventures over dinner and have some raffles and prizes.

Visit our Birdathon post to find out the details and how you can join in all of the fun!

Want to help birds and get paid for it?

We are looking for a self-starter who loves birds and wildlife and is committed to fostering and promoting the conservation of bird and wildlife habitat in the Flathead Valley. If that sounds like you or someone you know, click here to find out more!

Flathead Land Trust Proposes Purchase of Conservation Easement on Owen Sowerwine!

Audubon members, neighbors, and friends of Owen Sowerwine are very excited about the possibility of Flathead Land Trust purchasing a perpetual conservation easement on Owen Sowerwine, a State School Trust parcel administered by Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC). Click here to find out more about this exciting development and how you can help make this happen!

Never been to Owen Sowerwine? Join us, in partnership with Flathead Land Trust, for a series of tours both. Click here for more information on exploring Owen Sowerwine with a birding expert!


Sign up for Montana Audubon’s Action Alert Network

The 68th Montana Legislature is in session, and the Montana Audubon team of legislative lobbyists are busy working for all of us to defend Montana’s wildlife, wildlife habitat, and bedrock environmental laws. But they need your help. During this legislative session Montana Audubon will again maintain an active “Action Alert Network” that will provide you with the information you need to make your voice heard when important issues come up! To sign up for Network alerts go to https://mtaudubon.org/join-our-online-network. You can also access the most recent alert at: https://mtaudubon.org/conservation-policy/take-action/

Flathead Audubon's video series is complete

Our talented Conservation Education Coordinator, Denny Olson, has just completed the last of a three part video series (see all videos here). The series entertains while secretly educating you on why birds are amazing (Part 1 - Birds Rock!), how they're in trouble (Part 2 - Bird Trouble), and how you and I can help them out (Part 3 - Bird Help). While you're checking out our videos, you can head over to our Flathead Audubon YouTube Channel to see these and presentations as we post them online. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get future updates (and it helps us out too!).

Past meeting presentations available online

Speaking of videos, we have been recording our general meetings on Zoom and have them available for replay! Want to learn about the natural history of Trumpeter Swans? How wolves and ravens interact in Yellowstone? Head on over to our Videos page to see all of the past presentations.

Stay updated with the Flathead Audubon Fly-by!

In addition to our monthly Pileated Post, we also have a short email we send out called the Flathead Audubon Fly-by. It contains a brief reminder of events, any last minute announcements, and a splash of birdiness to your inbox. It's even more important over the summer when our meetings take a break and we have a slew of field trips!

It's densely packed like peanut butter suet and can be yours by signing up below*.

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Catch all of the Latest News here!!

Accepting Applications for Operations Coordinator Position

Do you love birds and want to get paid to help them out? We are looking for a self-starter who loves birds and wildlife, and is committed to fostering and promoting the conservation of birds and wildlife habitat in the Flathead Valley for a part-time contractor position. If that sounds like you or someone you…

Warbler Days at Tally Lake 2023

Join FAS at the Tally Lake Campground for an extraordinary time of birding and relaxing from Friday afternoon on June 2nd until Sunday morning, June 4th. Come for a day trip or spend the whole weekend! This is an ideal time of year to find a wide variety of migrant and resident birds; most notable…

Conservation Educator’s Niche – May 2023

by Denny Olson In my column last month, I defined our earthly “community” as far larger than just the Flathead Valley community – or any community that includes just one species – us. To be sure, we have spent untold quadrillions of dollars and work hours to shape that larger community to fit our own…

Herron Park Spring 2023 Field Trip Report

by Jake Bramante It didn’t look good for birding. The fog was low and the birds, were largely quiet as we stood shivering at the entrance to Herron Park. Undeterred, we began our quest, heading up to The Notch. Before entering the forest, we spied an American Robin, heard a House Finch, and a silent…

Smith Lake Spring 2023 Field Trip Report

by Darcy Thomas A small group of seven birders joined me on April 13 at Smith Lake in Kila. Although there was still a lot of ice on the lake, there was an adequate amount of open water and we saw a combined total of 39 taxa. We were greeted by two busy Ruby-crowned Kinglets…

Thanks to our 2022-2023 Bird of the Month Authors!

by Darcy Thomas Please give a big shout-out to our fabulous Bird of the Month (BOM) authors who wrote great articles for your reading enjoyment this year. Sneed Collard gave us the Black-backed Woodpecker, Theresa Ciraolo imparted her newfound love of the Common Merganser, Kat Peterson imparted her knowledge of the American Crow, Karen Nichols…

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