by Denny Olson

Finally, after two years of pandemic cancellations, we had our 14th Annual Festival at Lone Pine State Park. The ever-energetic and humorous Kate Davis headlined our presenters with her falcons, Kurt Lindsay showed his gorgeous owl photos, Dan Casey expanded our abilities to ID raptors in flight, and showings of our bird education trilogy videos started off the morning. Three bird walks were offered during the morning. Kids were making snowy owls from pine cones, getting their faces raptorized by Fancy-face Design, and making flying birds on a stick.

Everyone enjoyed the 16 birds of prey shown by Wild Wings Rescue, and displays by the Owl Institute, Center for Native Plants, Citizen’s Climate Lobby And Hockaday Art Museum. Our own Flathead Audubon booth featured Chickadee and owl dress-ups by the Donaldson crew, and hundreds of our Flathead residents enjoyed and learned about everything “raptor”.

What a day! Our biggest crowds ever!