by Margaret Parodi and Kathy Ross

The day dawned cloudy and cold (22 degrees) and fortunately there was little wind. We had a good turnout of birders. Some open water helped our observation and hearing of 26 different species.

Two American Dippers were jumping around in the creek and singing near the hatchery building. Six Trumpeter Swans, who were initially just floating along quietly, put on a flyover display and honking while doing so. A couple Great Blue Herons perched in a tree allowing good viewing, and a Belted Kingfisher was flying and calling in the trees.

There were numerous other species including hawks, Bald eagles, woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and various species of ducks, and a flying pheasant. We heard Red-winged Blackbirds singing, a sure sign that there might be spring! Thanks to Steve Gniadek who participated and helped with the identification of birds and birdsongs.