The 45th annual Bigfork Christmas Bird Count was held Saturday, December 15th, under cloudy skies, periodic “snow bands,” and strong SSE winds (10-17 mph) in the morning. The afternoon weather conditions were considerably better for birding, with good visibility and diminished winds.  Snow depths were non-existent and/or limited to the eastern edges of the count circle; temperatures ranged from 32-43 degrees F. Rivers and lakes were mostly open and there was no ice on Flathead Lake. Thirty-three volunteer participants counted 22,697 individual birds of 88 species, down froma record98 species recorded last year. The overall number of birds increased from last year’s total of 18,847 to 22,697 birds. There was no new bird species found this yearon the count. Highlights were a Double-crested Cormorant, Snow Geese, Spotted Towhee, White-crowned Sparrow, and a Yellow-headed Blackbird. There was one Coopers Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk, and an American Kestrel observed during count week. We had a record high of 6844 Canada Goose, 202 Canvasbacks, 2296 Redheads, 5 (tied) Wilson Snipes, 270 Red-breasted Nuthatches, 161 Dark-eyed Juncos, and 358 Pine Siskins for the count.  Thank you to all the wonderful participants who helped make the Bigfork CBC a very enjoyable experience! Contact: Craig Hohenberger,


Rod Wallette, Al Johnson, Shawn Richmond, Raylene Wall, Jeanne Carlson, Kathy Ross, Pam Willison, Will Beyer, Rich Pettersen, Bob Lee, Bob Smith, Gael Bissell, Rick Mace, Paula Smith, Jake Bramante, Debbie Moon, Leslie Kehoe, Craig Hohenberger, Denny Olson, Jamie Butkavich, B.J. Worth, Linda Winnie, Rosemary McKinnon, Jean Robocker, Lisa Bate, Cory Davis, Pat Jaquith, Tina Zenzola, Bob Kemp, Chuck Sufert, Dave Manuwal, Michell Tyler, Margaret Parodi