By Shannon Donaldson

Flathead Audubon’s 2024 Birdathonwill be Sunday, June 23. Birdathon is a fun and friendly competition to see who can find and identify the most bird species in a day. Everyone is welcome to participate, from beginner to expert birders.

Last year, nearly 30 participants got together and went “birding for a caws”. The cause was raising money to help secure the conservation easement on Owen Sowerwine. The easement has now been purchased, so this year we are not trying to raise money with Birdathon – just doing it for fun. So there is no entry fee this year. 

After a day of birding we will meet at the Creston Pavilion from 6:30 pm until sunset to tally our sightings and share stories, and enjoy a potluck dinner. Feel free to bring a potluck item and beverage. To sign up or join a team, contact Shannon Donaldson at