by Linda Winnie

The Montana Loon Society is offering cash prizes for 2020 observations of unique banded loons or confirmed unbanded breeding loons! This contest is generously funded by the Montana Loon Society.

Loon and Chicks – Photo Credit: John Winnie Sr

Two $100 awards will be decided by a random drawing from all individuals who submitted at least one observation. To encourage early observations, one drawing will occur in mid-June, the other in mid-July. Send band observations to Chris Hammond, MFWP: or 406-751-4582. Qualified observations will be determined and counted solely by Chris.

The most useful band reports are the ones that are reported as soon as possible, so send them in as you see the loon, even if you are not 100% sure of your observation. See the Montana Loon Society website for information about how to observe and report loon bands:, click where it says “Click here to see what you could win …”

Winners will be announced at the summer meeting of the Montana Common Loon Working Group, July 28-29, 2020. (Federal and State government employees are not eligible for the cash reward.) 

Loons are very sensitive. Please observe them at a distance.