At our May meeting and potluck, Rob Domenech of Raptor View Research Institute told story after story of Ospreys in migration using amazing tracking data. During the presentation, he mentioned ways that we can track those raptors too! Below is a list of resources Rob mentioned (plus a couple bonus resources).

MPG Ranch’s Raptor Tracker

To see raptors that Raptor View Research Institute has tagged in partnership with MPG Ranch, head over to the MPG Ranch Raptor Tracker website. This will allow you to track a variety of raptors including Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Ospreys, Cooper’s Hawks, and Turkey Vultures. Maybe you’ll be able to spot Quincy, the Bald Eagle who makes frequent trips to the landfill. 😀

Animal Tracker App

You can download the Animal Tracker app from the Google or Apple App Store for free. Once you do, open the app and zoom in to see where birds are flying around with transmitters near you!

Once you zoom in enough to see individual birds, you can click on them to get more detailed info on them. Click on the “Activity” button and scroll through the past two weeks or the last year to see where it’s traveled!


For those of you that like more nerdy data, MoveBank is a free, online database of animal tracking data hosted by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior. While not as user friendly as the above resources, it has a wider set of research data from around the world.