GLACIER COUNTRY, Flathead Audubon’s 2018 phenology calendar, is now available for purchase.  It makes a great Christmas present! All proceeds from sale of this calendar go to support the FAS Conservation Education Program.

The 2018 Phenology Calendar by Flathead Audubon tells the story of the flora and fauna along the east and west sides of Glacier National Park or “Glacier Country”.

“Phenology” is the study of the timing of natural cyclic events in nature – focusing on the annual cycles determined by climate, weather, length of day, migrations, hibernations, mating seasons, food availability, and the survival habits of plants and animals to get through each year.

Each month features a species where we show a fantastic photo and tell you its story. In the calendar dates below the photo, we feature a wide breadth of phenology information as well as a variety of timely activities for outdoor lovers of all ages.

GLACIER COUNTRY is available for purchase the following ways:


  • Bigfork Chamber of Commerce
  • Brett Thuma Gallery
  • Electric Avenue Books
  • Swan River Nursery


  • Historic Tamarack Lodge and Cabins


  • Capitol Sports & Western Wear
  • Montana Book & Toy Co
  • Birds & Beasley’s


  • Hooper’s Garden Center
  • Lone Pine State Park
  • Museum at Central School
  • Rocky Mountain Outfitters


  • The Book Exchange
  • Wild Birds Unlimited


  • Bookworks
  • Crystal Winters