by Amy Seamon, Director of Policy & Science

Long-billed Curlew Photo Credit: Bob Martinka

Are you ready to hear the ‘currlleeee’ of the Long-billed Curlew? Well, grab your binoculars and get ready, because curlew season is just around the corner! These charismatic shorebirds will be trickling back into the state in early April and we need your help finding as many as possible in and around the Mission, Blackfoot, and Helena Valleys!

Since 2013, volunteers have recorded curlews sightings in these three Montana valleys and this data helps inform statewide habitat models as well as highlight important tracts of intact grassland that are in need of conservation. As a species specific survey, this is a great time for aspiring citizen scientists and veteran birders alike to contribute to the conservation of a treasured Montana bird species.

In addition to supporting citizen surveys, this year we are hosting an online webinar to learn more about the project and how to participate. Save the date for March 31st at 6 PM with more details coming in our March eNews! For now, you can find everything you need to participate on and you can reach out to Peter Dudley at for more information and to sign up! 

The Long-Billed Curlew Citizen Science survey will take place from April 8 – May 7 and May 8 – May 31.