by Linda Winnie

Three new species were recently added to the OSNA Bird List.

Barred Owl – Photo credit: Jake Bramante

Jake Bramante found a Barred Owl near the southwest part of OSNA on Christmas day, about 50 feet outside the west boundary. Then a week later, on New Year’s day, he spotted a Pacific Wren just south of the OSNA border. Both species are marked with an * on the list, indicating they were “seen adjacent to or over, but not within OSNA”. (The updated OSNA Bird List can be viewed here in the OSNA section.)

Swamp Sparrow – Photo Credit: Jake Bramante

We’re not finished with new species, however! On January, 26th, Jake was prowling around once again when a Swamp Sparrow flitted over to a stump to join a Song Sparrow. This bird was found just south of Montessori School along the Stillwater River and Inside of the natural area. What a wonderfully varied landscape to find so many birds!

If when you visit OSNA you observe either of Jake’s first two species inside the Area, please let us know and we will remove the asterisks. Email your observation reports to Shawn Richmond at You can also send along any pictures you take; please indicate whether you are willing to let us use them in the Flathead Audubon newsletter and/or website.

And, of course, let us know if you observe a species not yet on the OSNA Bird List. That information, along with any pictures, should also be emailed to Shawn. Only one more new species is needed to bring the number on the list to 150!