2019 OSNA Volunteer Monitoring begins this month!

from Linda Winnie, Co-Chair, Owen Sowerwine Committee

Reports from Volunteer Monitors underpin Flathead Audubon’s management of OSNA. The reports give our OSNA On-the-Ground Manager up-to-date information on maintenance needs at Owen Sowerwine. They provide observational data that feeds into our records of what birds and wildlife and native vegetation are present at Owen Sowerwine. In addition, Volunteer Monitors relay feedback from OSNA visitors and neighbors that helps us improve our management of the Area.

Volunteer Monitors record their OSNA observations on the OSNA Volunteer Monitoring Form which has check boxes and questions that help you know what to look for. You can print the Form from the FAS website (look under Conservation for OSNA) or pick it up at any FAS meeting. The completed Form is sent to Kay Mitchell (address on the form).

If you haven’t been to OSNA before, you can find information about how to get there, and also a trail map of the Area, on the FAS website. There is also a free brochure with the most recent OSNA bird list and an aerial trail map available at the OSNA kiosk inside the Treasure Lane entrance.

You don’t have to sign up to be a Volunteer Monitor. Just take the Monitoring Form along when you go OSNA, fill out the parts that pertain to the places you visit, and send it in.

Another way to volunteer is to sign up to do a scheduled visit. We try to insure a regular flow of information by scheduling someone to do a monitoring visit every half month. Scheduled volunteers also use the regular Monitoring Form to report their observations. Check the OSNA part of our website for more information on scheduled visits and how to sign up. Or contact Linda Winnie at lindawin626@gmail.com or 406-755-1406.

THANK YOU to all who have served as Volunteer Monitors over the years. Your help has been invaluable! Please let me know if you are able to help again this year.