by Cory Davis

Each spring, FAS elects officers and directors for their dedication and leadership. This year is no exception, and we have an impressive list of candidates for consideration. FAS elects officers for a two-year term, alternating with president and vice president one year, and secretary and treasurer the next. This is the year for president and vice president. We do not currently have a candidate for vice president, but this is not the first time we’ve gone without a VP. Our Board members and officers constantly step up to help each other out. In addition, all five directors whose terms are expiring have stepped up to run for re-election. There is no limit on the number of directors that can be on the Board, so if you are interested in joining our family, please talk with one of our officers or directors.

Please give these nominees due consideration. Then attend the FAS annual meeting this month on September 11th to vote! (Due to a technical glitch, we postponed our voting until this fall.)


President – Darcy Thomas: Born in Seattle, our family moved to Kalispell in 1970 where I graduated from Flathead High School. After community college at FVCC, I moved to Missoula to finish my degree in Psychology. Although I planned to return to the Flathead, I got sidetracked by a tall, handsome rock climber whom I married and raised four children with. We lived in Florence in the Bitterroot Valley. Early in my marriage I got my BSN in nursing from Montana State University and enjoyed a career as a nurse evolving from Oncology, to Public Health and School Nursing and ending in Infection Control. During all this time I loved birds, teaching my children about them and enjoying them wherever I happened to be. One of my great birding joys early on was participating in a two-week field study with Dick Hutto while collecting data on the Long-billed Curlew. It took 40 years, with an interlude in Seattle, before I finally returned to the Flathead Valley to retire with my second husband. We are happily ensconced in our dream home in Kalispell. My retirement goal is to be active in Audubon, make myself useful to my community, and advocate for birds.

Director Candidates

Bob Lee: I have been a member of Flathead Audubon for many years and served in a variety of positions during that time. I have been the representative for FAS to Montana Audubon for several years and the chair of the Nominations Committee. I would like to continue to be involved as an elected Board member and carry on the good work of FAS. I feel that my background as a wildlife biologist will serve me and Flathead Audubon well, as we progress in uncertain times for many bird species.

Carole Jorgensen: I am a retired wildlife biologist with over 40 years’ experience in five states (and Botswana) working on rare and conservation-listed species, habitat protection and improvement projects, land management, regulation, timber/oil and gas/mining/recreation, oil spills and way too much litigation. Throughout my career, I often said if we knew then what we know now, the loss of species and habitats could have been prevented with some proactive actions. Now, in Montana, The Last Best Place, I fear we take our resources and open spaces for granted too often. I am the world’s worst birder, but I am a bulldog on law and policy and hope to apply to be Flathead Audubon’s mascot so I can continue to work towards the wise balance of ecosystems and people.

Cindy Roberts: I earned a Master’s Degree in Science Education and taught elementary and middle school students for 38 years in Iowa, Virginia, Montana, Japan and Austria. I have also worked as an interpretive park ranger in Yellowstone National Park for nine summers. With my husband, Tom, I raised two daughters, and love taking six grandchildren into the Montana wilds. I have been the co-chair of the Education Committee for the past several years.

Tom Roberts: I recently retired from teaching at Linderman Education Center in Kalispell, adding to a career total of 42 years. I have also coached many sports teams in Iowa, Virginia, Japan and Austria. I worked as an interpretive ranger in Yellowstone National Park for 20 summers. My daughter, Lisa, lives in Iowa, and daughter Lori, in Kalispell. In my spare time, I paint wildlife in oils and watercolor.

Linda Du Lac: Linda was elected to the Board last year on a one-year temporary opening to chair our Membership Committee. She has taken charge and uplifted our membership more than anyone could have imagined. Linda has over 35 years of experience working in the national resources field. To learn more about Linda and her dedication, see our cover story in last month’s Pileated Post, “It’s Never Too Late Or Too Early To Become A Bird Watcher.”

Gael Bissell – Gael has been a member of Flathead Audubon for a long time. During that time, she has served as Vice President and President. She was on the Board of Directors by virtue of being the past president. Now she would like to continue to serve as a Director by being elected as an “At Large” Director. Currently she is representing Flathead Audubon to Montana Audubon and is extremely active with the Owen Sowerwine project.