by Rod Wallette

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A couple of changes occurred in FAS’s financial department this past fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020). Joe Batts needed to step down from the Treasurer position and I was asked to fill-in for the rest of his term.

The first agenda to complete was the transition of our accounting program to a non-profit version of QuickBooks. A new chart of accounts was created to match the new QuickBooks version which will allow us to individually track the income and expenses of our four programs.

A CPA was then hired to reconcile our books and as a result several accounts were written off which created a one-time expense of $4455 in our income/expense statement for year. We ended up with a $3700 loss, after the write-offs, but had started the year with a strong balance in our cash account and after receiving some late revenue from the Whitefish Community Foundation’s Day of Giving, ended up with a good balance in our cash account to carry into the next fiscal year.

Our reserve funds did well this past year and as a result we are in a solid financial position overall. Our financial reports can be viewed on over in the Reports & Financials page on our site. The other significant change for 2019-2020 was FAS being accepted into the Great Fish Challenge. This will be our only fundraising for 2020 and will replace our Birdathon and the board’s end of the year challenge. We are looking forward to a successful fundraiser with the Great Fish Challenge and hope to continue with this annually moving forward in our fundraising efforts.