by Kay Mitchell, President

Board Challenge “Thermo-feeder”

December brings financial appeals from almost every organization under the sun. Your mailbox is probably as packed with them as mine is. Sometimes I’m not even a member of the organization wanting my money. And once in a while, I haven’t even heard of the organization. I’m always tempted to “save the world,” but then I remember some of the best advice. “Think Globally, Act Locally.” I pick up my pen and write a check to my local organization that I get to watch doing great things all year long – Flathead Audubon of course.

This year, we are again doing a “Members vs. Board” challenge. Our goal is $6,000 (but, of course, if we go over that amount, we’re sure not going to turn it down.) Last time that we ran the Challenge, the Membership won. If you want to be on the winning team again, just feel free to donate lavishly!

Flathead Audubon is probably the most transparent organization in your pack of memberships. You get to see us out on the landscape, in classrooms, at events and on the Outdoor page of the Daily InterLake. All of our donated dollars are used only for our mission of birds, education and conservation. Our balance sheet and budget are always printed in our newsletter, all meetings and all activities are open to the public, and we even put our home phone numbers and email addresses out there for anyone to contact us. No secrets, no fancy limousines!

 So as we close out 2018, I encourage you to help your local Audubon chapter continue to do great things right in front of your eyes. Please make a donation to help keep local kids (and adults) excited about birds and nature here in our own back yard. That, in itself, is quite a challenge!

Many thanks for your help!