Highlights from the October 3, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting

  • The Great Fish Challenge and the Birds of Prey Festival were both considered to be successful this year. However, with an eye toward improvement, a list of feedback and suggestions was made for each event.
  • Hawk Watch began August 25, and although the total numbers are below average, the surveys have been producing steady results, and the golden eagles are starting to move through regularly.
  • The proposed Conservation Easement for Owen Sowerwine has been released for scoping by DNRC, and the Directors received some detailed information so they can answer questions people might have. Gael Bissell has planned information meetings, to be held in the near future, for neighboring property owners so they can be fully informed.
  • Cindy Roberts reported there has been a significant increase in the use of the Education Kits by local educators. Denny Olson noted he is in full swing with presentations and field trips for local 7th grade classes.

Great Fish Community Challenge

Thanks to all of our fine members who donated to Flathead Audubon through this year’s Great Fish Community Challenge! Our donation total was higher than last year’s; with the addition of Whitefish Community Foundation’s match of $ 12,364, our final tally reached $ 39,458!

Whitefish Community Foundation hosts the Great Fish Community Challenge each year. These are the dedicated folks who work hard behind the scenes to help Flathead Valley and Eureka nonprofit organizations provide their services to our local citizens. Please give them credit and sincere thanks for helping our Flathead Audubon chapter continue to bring bird and nature education programs to our local school children and adults.

The 14th Birds Of Prey Festival

Thanks to Rod and June Ash, the visionaries who started the Birds of Prey Festival, FAS is proud to carry on the tradition to provide this semi-annual festival of great quality to the Flathead Valley each September. 

Our final participant numbers for the festival have been tallied. An impressive total of 516 drive-up participants parked down the Lone Pine Road and quite a number hiked in on the trails. Combined with about 70 exhibitors and helpers, there were well over 700 people who came to learn about our feathered predators. This makes this year’s festival the best ever!

Again, many, many thanks to Lone Pine and all those unnamed who helped publicize and make this a seamless and great event. We are currently coming up with ideas to make next year’s festival even better. If you have ideas you would like to share please let us know.