Ruby-crowned & Golden-crowned Kinglets

By Linda de Kort Last week, the serviceberry bushes by our home were buzzing with royal activity. Kinglets of both local species were flitting and hovering, gleaning the insects from the leaves of the bush. This gave me a golden and ruby opportunity to compare the field markings of these two diminutive birds. The kinglets…

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Red-Necked Grebe Photo Credit: Jan Wassink

Red-necked Grebe

By Jeannie Marcure Webster defines a grebe as: “any of a family (Podicipedidae) of swimming and diving birds closely related to loons but having lobed toes.” In western Montana, six species of grebes are found during breeding season: Western, Clark’s, Eared, Horned, Pied-billed, and the topic of this month’s article, the Red-necked. I became familiar…

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Rough-Legged Hawk Photo Credit: Jan Wassink

Rough-legged Hawk Revisited

By Marcy Mahr Like me, you may have had to sit down with a field guide on more than one occasion to sort out the various hawk species that inhabit our area. Particularly challenging is distinguishing the subtle differences in plumages, which are confusingly similar. Birding field guides read, “plumage is extremely variable,… both dark…

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