Learning Kit Checkout Procedures

If you haven’t already made a reservation, visit the Kit page, click on the Kit you’re interested in checking out, and reserve using the calendar with that Kit.

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Checkout Procedures

Reservations and Checkout:

Please do the following:

#1.       Make a Kit reservation online at flatheadaudubon.org > Education > Learning Kits : click on Kit you would like to reserve.

#2.       Click the dates on the calendar (1 week, see below) you would like to reserve, and fill in the trunk reservation form.

#3.       Kit will be delivered to the address provided by an Audubon Volunteer.

#4.       Kit will be picked up by an Audubon Volunteer afternoon of the last day reserved (unless otherwise arranged with cindy@flatheadaudubon.org or educator@flatheadaudubon.org).

#5.       Unless prearranged due to special circumstances, the Kits should be checked out for one week.

Please make sure to return your Kit on time – someone else may be waiting for it.  If you would like to extend your time – or for any other questions – check the calendar where you originally reserved the Kit, and add the days needed if no one else has that Kit reserved. Email cindy@flatheadaudubon.org or the Flathead Audubon Conservation Educator, at educator@flatheadaudubon.org if you are having difficulties.

Returning the Kit Boxes:

BEFORE you return a Kit please do the following:

#1.       Inventory your Kit & make sure EVERYTHING is there.  There should be a content list under the lid of the box.

#2.       Please fill out the Learning Kit Return Form (enclosed in the activity binder) and return it to the envelope on the bulletin board at Lone Pine. Audubon is funded entirely through grants and donations. We use the information on your Learning Kit Return Form to document how many people use our Kits and programs and how they are used.  Without this information we cannot write compelling grants and continue to be funded.  Without knowing what activities inside the Kits are being used, we cannot design new trunks that you will like and use!  Please fill it out.  It is important!!!

#3.       If there is a problem (something is broken or missing) please let Audubon know so that it can be fixed before the next person checks out the Kit .

Other Important Information

  • Spring (March-June) and Autumn (Sept. – Oct.) are extremely busy times for the Audubon Learning Kits, naturalist programs and field trip sequences. Please schedule well ahead if you need a Kit or a program in the spring, and return promptly.