by Gail Shay Linne, Education Chair

Denny Olson, Conservation Educator, presented an ambassador training on January 7, 2019 at the Lone Pine State Park Visitors Center. Shannon Donaldson and her son Bridger Donaldson, Jennifer Dodan, Pat Jaquith and Pam Willison attended the three-hour workshop. FAS Education Committee members Amy Jacobs, Rod Wallette and Gail Linne helped set up materials and were on hand for the afternoon activities.

Denny explained FAS’s Educational Trunk program, and noted that the trunks are available for free for use with students of all ages, community groups and to members of senior facilities. The check-out procedure was described and participants learned how to check out trunks online on FAS’s website.

He also presented a comprehensive overview of the Wetlands trunk, and provided several interactive activities about birds found in the wetlands. He introduced the newly developed Chickadee Trunk. Bridger delighted everyone when he modeled the Chickadee costume which is interchangeable with the four types of Chickadees included in the trunk’s contents.

The four adults will join our Flathead Ambassador program. Their help introducing trunks, presenting contents, helping schools and community groups learn about the trunks and/or shuttling trunks to locations throughout the valley is invaluable.

Thank you and welcome, new Flathead Audubon Ambassadors.