May 20-22, 2016

Swanson's Hawk Photo Credit: APR
Swanson’s Hawk Photo Credit: APR

Update: the trip is now fully booked

Flathead Audubon is offering a weekend filled with the breathtaking beauty and wide open spaces of eastern Montana grasslands and the American Prairie Reserve (APR). The Reserve is working to link together thousands of acres of private and public land on Montana’s legendary Northern Great Plains, protecting critical habitat for native flora and fauna. According to the APR brochure, we will “discover the power of dark skies, quiet trails and remote, unbroken land.” It will be a time of mating Sage Grouse, Bison calves and spring bird migration. Kathy Ross, will be coordinating the trip and can be contacted at 406-837-3837 or email,

Also Michael Wainright, spokesman for the APR, will be guest speaker at the March14, 2016 public meeting of Flathead Audubon and will be available to answer questions about the APR and upcoming field trip. Space is limited to 20 for the May field trip.