Highlights from the November 6, 2023, Board of Directors Meeting

  • Dee Baginski, Operations Coordinator, reported that she has been working with Jake Bramante on outreach and website tasks, with Pam Willison and Denny on Owen Sowerwine group use, and with Darcy Thomas and Linda Winnie on publicity and membership. 
  • The Board approved a $100 donation to Whitefish Lake Institute; and Treasurer Rod Wallette confirmed that the $1,000 annual donation to Montana Audubon will be made in November.
  • Denny reported that he developed a new contact at Somers Elementary and will work with the 5th grade doing a native plant installation at the school, and on a breeding bird survey in Owen Sowerwine.
  • An ad hoc committee (Denny, Dee, Shannon Donaldson, and Linda Du Lac) was formed to investigate the idea of creating a Junior Birder Club, which would offer outings for school age kids, particularly during the summer months. 
  • Shannon and Bridger Donaldson will be the new coordinators of the Kalispell Christmas Bird Count.

Great Fish Community Challenge Donor Thank You

It’s cold outside, but inside, we’re feeling warmth toward all of you who donated so generously to Flathead Audubon through the Great Fish Community Challenge! These gifts allow us to provide the Flathead with field trips, programs, this newsletter and an outstanding Conservation Education program for school kids. Your donation is a mark of your faith in us to manage your dollars wisely and we operate with each of you in mind. Thank you so much for your Great Fish donations! Happy Holidays to all!