Flathead Audubon’s past Presidents and past Newsletter Editors were honored at the chapter’s end-of-the-year potluck meeting in May, as part of the chapter’s celebration this year of its 40th birthday. Click here to see their names and when they served.

Over its 40 year history, FAS has had 17 volunteer Presidents. Under their leadership, the chapter has more than doubled its membership, and has steadily increased both the number and variety of programs it provides to its members and to its local communities.

At the FAS May meeting, current President Kay Mitchell talked about the significant contributions made by each of the 17 while President, and also about the ways they served Flathead Audubon – and Montana Audubon — both before and after being President. “We have been fortunate,” she concluded, “to have had such innovative and hard-working people at the helm during these past 40 years.”

The Presidents who were present at the May meeting are pictured below.

Past FAS Presidents, May 2017 – Photo Credit: John Winnie Sr.

Back, L-R: Paula Smith, Bob Lee, Mike Fanning, Bob Lopp, Brent Mitchell.
Front, L-R: Linda de Kort, Linda Winnie, Neal Brown, Kay Mitchell, Dave Hudak, Rick Trembath

Unable to make it to the meeting were Dan Sullivan, Wanda Jamieson, Lynn Kelly, Robin Magaddino, and Jim Rogers.

Crucial to the success of chapter leadership is their communication with the FAS membership via the chapter newsletter. Over its 40 year history, FAS has been extremely fortunate to have had 15 dedicated and talented volunteer newsletter editors. The 40 years of newsletter issues they produced are being posted on the FAS website – under “Publications …” in the Newsletter Archives. Right now, you’ll find about 28 years of FAS newsletters there; the rest will be posted this summer.

Past FAS Newsletter Editors, May 2017 – Photo Credit: John Winnie Sr



The FAS Newsletter Editors present at the May meeting are pictured to the left.   L-R, Leslie Kehoe, Kay Mitchell, Bob Lee, Lewis Young, Linda Winnie.