Highlights from the January 6th board meeting

  • Bob Lopp has retired from the Board of Directors. Thank you for your many years of service to FAS. You will be missed.
  • Jan Metzmaker has developed a policy with steps to ensure efficient acknowledgement of donations.
  • Payments were approved for Liability and Director and Officer insurance, and for an upgrade of the Quick Books program used to keep our financial records.
  • Denny Olson plans to focus on school programs that promote use of the educational trunks and our education ambassadors, and will work closely with Derrick Rathe from Lone Pine SP. The education program can always use new volunteers.
  • Bob Lee and Cory Davis will proceed with the field trip to the Malta/Bowdoin area (there would be a charge for this trip).  Bob is also planning the Freeze Out Lake trip in March.

END OF YEAR CHALLENGE You made the difference! Thank you Flathead Audubon Members!

This last December, our wonderful solid and committed Membership raised $6,545 in total End Of Year Donations with the Board Members (both past and present) outpacing contributions of General Members about 2.6 to 1. Last year, General Members outpaced the Board Members donating nearly twice as much as Board raising nearly $7,000.

Regardless of who “wins” the Challenge, Flathead Audubon Society is clearly the benefactor of your help and support. We are so impressed by your generosity; 1/3 of you generously donated to our chapter with contributions ranging from $5 to $500. These funds will go a long way to support our 2020 Conservation/Education program, Owen Sowerwine Management, Jewel Basin Hawk Watch and many more of our ongoing projects.

Pat yourselves on the back! And, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!       

Gael Bissell, President

Wings Across the Big Sky Bird Festival

Montana Audubon will host its 21st annual Wings Across the Big Sky bird festival at the Yogo Inn, in Lewistown on June 5th – 7th, 2020! Front and center will be two days of field trips to destinations in stunning Central Montana, along with traditional festival on-site activities such as our Friday keynote speaker, interactive Saturday afternoon presentations, Montana Audubon Conservation Awards, Cakes for Conservation auction and more.

NEW THIS YEAR! We are excited to announce we are planning an optional, pre-festival grassland science conference Thursday and Friday, June 4th and 5th. More information will be available on the “Outreach” section of Montana Audubon’s website: www.mtaudubon.org or call 406.443.3949.

Winter Classes Available at FVCC

  • Beginner Gardening in the Flathead at FVCC taught by Pat McGlynn, MSU Agriculture Extension Agent. It’s a four week class beginning February 4, 2020. For more information and to register please contact FVCC https://www.fvcc.edu/what-we-offer/continuing-education/
  • Land Stewardship Class is a 7 week course beginning February 6, 2020. For more information and to register contact Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D., MSU Agriculture Extension Agent, 406-758-5554 pmcglynn@flathead.mt.gov