* Note that this is a change of presentation from what was in our January edition of the Pileated Post

Do you keep bird lists? Do you visit birding hotspots when you travel? Are you curious about which birds can be expected, where, and when?

With the creation of eBird in 2002, the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology revolutionized the role that citizen scientists can play in improving our understanding of the seasonal distribution and relative abundance of birds. In so doing, they also provided an incredible tool for birders of all skill levels.

On January 9th, at 7pm, Dan Casey, a long-time eBird user and regional reviewer, will give us an overview of how eBird works, the many ways it can be used, and some of the amazing outputs Cornell has developed using eBird data. 

We will be continuing our hybrid meetings through the winter for those that may not want to drive in wintry conditions. For those coming to the meeting, on January 9th, we’ll meet in Room 26 of the Gateway Mall (United Way building) at 7 PM. This room is on the east side of the building along Glenwood Rd in Kalispell. Look for our banner hanging outside. 

For those joining virtually, check your Pileated Post for the link or email us at info@flatheadaudubon.org for the link. You should eventually be let into a “waiting room” where you will then be added to the meeting by the host. Please sign in with your name when you enter the room so we know to admit you. You will be muted when you first join the meeting. You can use your computer’s microphone and speakers (most computers have both, whether you see them or not), and this is the preferred way to join.