The Dessert Auction is the big fundraiser at the Festival, and the proceeds will be used to help fund a local Flathead Audubon project – installation of a parking area for the new bird viewing area at the West Valley Ponds (to be completed this year!).

Donated desserts are at the center of the Dessert Auction.

At the festival banquet on Saturday evening (June 9), the banquet guests at each table will pool their funds to bid for a dessert. The table with the highest bid gets first choice, second highest gets second choice, etc. An array of attractive, delicious desserts – plus the fact that all proceeds go to support a great local cause – can generate some pretty generous bids. Last year, the high bid was $1000!

We are looking for donations of about 30 tempting desserts to offer for auction at the banquet – cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and other fancy and delicious concoctions. Can you help by donating a home-made dessert for the auction? Or by arranging for a donation from a local bakery? If so, please contact a member of the FAS Dessert Auction Committee. Desserts will need to be delivered to the Red Lion on June 8, the day of the festival banquet. Donors will get more details as festival time approaches.

For more information or to sign up as a dessert donor, contact a member of the FAS Dessert Auction Committee: Gail Cleveland (406-212-8640,, Paula Smith (837-0181,, and Linda Winnie (755-1406,