by Pam Willison

Kay Mitchell receives gift from FAS members during May meeting

The 2019 General Meeting of Flathead Audubon Society was held on May 13 in Whitefish, and was called to order by President Kay Mitchell.  Kay provided a summary of a very successful and active past year for FAS including: having the highest annual membership to date, participating in 6 Christmas Bird Counts, completing the fall Hawk Watch, giving 3 Conservation Achievement Recognition awards, holding 9 excellent monthly programs (several standing room only!), generating 13 comment letters related to conservation and science issues, experiencing a 20% increase of attendance to the Birds of Prey Festival, reaching over 4500 people through our Education program, maintaining an amazing and information-packed website, and recording over 8700 hours of volunteer work by the Board members and Officers of FAS.

Treasurer Joe Batts gave a report on current account balances, and mentioned the $150 of new memberships received at the door. Kay reminded people that it’s important to join your local Audubon chapter, which is a different membership than state or national memberships.

Bob Lee, Chair of the nomination committee, introduced the Officer and Board candidates. They are: Gael Bissell for President and Cory Davis for Vice President, and Will Beyer, Margaret Parodi, and David Manuwal as Board members. The nominees were accepted through motion and vote.

Bob Lopp paid tribute to Kay Mitchell for her past 4 years of service as the FAS President. Kay guided us through many improvements and expansions of programs, and maintained reliable financial management. Kay received several parting gifts and a standing ovation. Incoming President Gael Bissell received the official gavel and the meeting was adjourned. The silent auction brought in $399.

Dan Casey treated the crowd to an amazing set of pictures and details of his birding trip to the African Country of Ghana.