by Jake Bramante

Membership cards and stickers

A major benefit of becoming a member of the Flathead Audubon Society (FAS) is the satisfying feeling that you are contributing to solid, science-based education and conservation efforts. It doesn’t stop there, however. If you haven’t noticed, we have a new look and with that new look, some additional benefits.

Every member has access to a membership sticker and a membership card. The sticker is an all weather sticker that looks great on car windows, Nalgene bottles, and gear boxes. The membership card allows you to get discounts on bird feed when you shop at Murdoch’s.

Initially, Murdoch’s generously offered 10% off on black oil sunflower seeds, but they have recently expanded that to all bird food including suet cakes and the more expensive Nyjer thistle seeds for your finches. When purchasing, you’ll need your signed membership card. Be patient with them at the front counter as they are getting all of their cashiers up to speed on the new deal. So head over and pick up some seed and thank them for their support! (Note that this doesn’t apply to items currently on sale.)

Membership cards and stickers are available at the meetings towards the back of the room. Also available for $1 a piece are cute Pileated Woodpecker stickers!