Highlights from the October 5, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

  • Executive Committee will meet to assess the Great Fish results, decide about future participation, and make a plan to improve our performance.  They will also meet with WFCF to obtain information about setting up the structure to receive endowments through WFCF. Following these meetings, work will begin on a written Financial Plan for FAS.
  • The Membership Committee will meet to review how memberships are processed, how data is stored, and how our data base is used.  he goal is to streamline and update the process.
  • Because of the current status of COVID-19 in Flathead County, it was decided that the November meeting should not be an in-person meeting, and future meetings will be set based on the status of COVID in our county. Cory Davis will offer help to people for online meetings.
  • Discussions were held about local conservation issues, field trip ideas, Education Committee plans, and moving forward on the sequel to the Birds Rock! video.

November 17 Discussion of 


Glacier Conservancy Executive Director Doug Mitchell invites you to participate in the November meeting of the Glacier Book Club. 

This Zoom discussion will be Tuesday, November 17, 6:30 PM. The topic will be Jim Robbins’ The Wonder of Birds, a fascinating investigation into the miraculous world of birds and the powerful – and surprising – ways they enrich our lives sustain the planet. 

Please register at https://glacier.org/glacier-book-club/ to get the Zoom link. Registration is limited. 

David Attenborough Film is a Must See

If you haven’t seen David Attenborough’s latest film called “A Life on Our Planet,” I highly recommend it (available on Netflix). It’s a powerful presentation by an esteemed reporter of the wild things and places on our planet. The first part of the film is how and why we got to the place we are environmentally, then the last part is his views on how and why humans must change the way we do business if we want to prosper as humans.

The trailer for the film is available at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64R2MYUt394 

Attenborough’s interview on 60 Minutes also does a nice introduction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li5Xi9mIvDg

Amazon Smile

Sign up for AmazonSmile before Christmas shopping and benefit FAS. A portion of each purchase goes to FAS when you select them as your recipient.

Also, Amazonsmile is now available in a shopping app for Android users.