Aliens Among Us—Non-native Birds in Montana

presented by David A. Manuwal

David Manuwal

Our program for November will be given on Zoom by Dave Manuwal. Dave is a member of the FAS Board. He is originally from Indiana where he first became interested in birds. 

His first research when he was just out of high school , was on bird mortality at television transmitter towers. He also spent two summers at the Delta Waterfowl Research Station in Manitoba, Canada. He left Indiana and came to Montana where he studied birds at the UM’s Lubrecht Experimental Forest northeast of Missoula. He went to California where he studied seabirds on the Farallon Islands, His research interests have been in seabird biology and forest bird ecology. Most of his professional career was spent on the faculty at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, College of the Environment, University of Washington. He conducted bird research in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Montana.

There are 271 bird species breeding in Montana. An additional 169 species are non-breeding transients. There are 14 non-native breeding species, of which five are game species. He will discuss the history of these species in Montana and their impacts on native Montana birds.

The program will be presented through the online Zoom platform. Check your emailed Pileated Post for the link or email us at requesting the link with instructions to connect.

The program is free and open to the public.