By Linda Winnie.

New Bench - Photo Credit: Rick Mace
New Bench – Photo Credit: Rick Mace

There is a NEW BENCH at Owen Sowerwine in accessible viewing area that sits at the end of the OSNA accessible trail! The bench provides a resting place to sit and look at the waterfowl that often swim in the side channel just below the viewing area, and to spot the riparian species that frequent the wooded area on the other side of the channel. Many thanks to our OSNA On-the-Ground Manager Rick Mace for proposing we put a bench there and for installing it.

The OSNA Weed Control Committee is hard at work this summer trying to make a big dent in the large numbers of Russian thistle and houndstongue growing near the kiosk and in the meadow beyond, as well as along the OSNA trails. It will take several years of applying herbicide, pulling houndstongue, and clipping thistle heads, to get these weeds under control, so this is part of a multi-year effort. During the time herbicide is being applied, signs are posted at the entrance(s) nearest the activity.

Work Day Weed Control - Photo Credit: Sheryl Hester
Work Day Weed Control – Photo Credit: Sheryl Hester

The annual OSNA Fall Workday is currently being planned. Watch the FAS website and the September Pileated Post for an announcement of the date. Among the projects we will take on for the Workday is clearing overhanging vegetation along one of our neighbor’s fence. And we will be capping off our summer 2016 weed control effort by pulling and clipping the houndstongue and thistle that still remain after our summer’s work. Hope you can come and help!