Bairds Sparrow Photo Credit: John Carlson
Bairds Sparrow
Photo Credit: John Carlson

            Flathead Audubon is seeking a replacement for our retiring Membership Chair.  Could this be just the opportunity you are waiting for to help FAS achieve its mission?  You would be the interface between FAS and its members.  You would receive membership applications and put the information into the membership data base.  You would also communicate with members as needed.  Once a month you would create the labels for the mailing of The Pileated Post.  You would also create whatever mailing lists and labels are needed for other FAS projects.  You would work closely with the FAS treasurer and the person responsible for writing “Thank You” notes.

            We are currently testing software to replace our 21-year-old system.  If you choose to accept the Membership Chair position now you can be part of the transition team which would give you a great start.

            Contact Mike Fanning for further information.  His e-mail is:  Phone:  862-8070.