An Unusual, but Successful Season at the Jewel Basin Hawk Watch

As 2016 comes to an end, Flathead Audubon volunteers and our funding partners have conducted nine years of season-long hawk migration surveys at the Jewel Basin Hawk Watch. After recording 60 birds over four surveys during the last week of August, we conducted 22 surveys in September, including a six-day stretch (Sept 25-30) where 1,129…

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Jewel Basin Hawk Watch 2016 – A Great First Half

By Dan Casey This fall season marks the 9th year of full-time surveys at the Jewel Basin Hawk Watch, and the second year with Flathead Audubon as the primary sponsor of the effort. Thursday, Oct. 13th marked the 31st survey of the 2016 season, bringing us to 2,417 birds counted. We were on a record…

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Rough-Legged Hawk Photo Credit: Jan Wassink

Rough-legged Hawk Revisited

By Marcy Mahr Like me, you may have had to sit down with a field guide on more than one occasion to sort out the various hawk species that inhabit our area. Particularly challenging is distinguishing the subtle differences in plumages, which are confusingly similar. Birding field guides read, “plumage is extremely variable,… both dark…

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