New Species at Owen Sowerwine Natural Area

While walking out of OSNA after a morning of hacking Buckthorn out of the natural area on March 20th with a great crew of Auduboners Denny Olson spotted a Pacific Wren hopping around an old fallen log. Upon checking the OSNA bird list I found this species has only been viewed in an area adjacent to OSNA but not within the boundaries of the natural area itself. So, the bird list has been edited to reflect this and the asterisk beside its name removed.

American Bittern – Photo by Pam Willison

Also, earlier this month, Pam Willison was doing a walkthrough with some women from Flathead Conservation District regarding a grant application when a funny bird froze in place with its bill straight up in the air! Although she’d never seen one in person before, this distinct behavior of this heron-like bird helped her immediately ID it as an American Bittern.

The latest version of the OSNA Bird List can be found here. The list is updated as new birds are reported. If you see a species during a trip to OSNA that is not on the bird list, please let Darcy Thomas know and she will add your sighting. You may also send any pictures you take and note if you give permission for their use in the Pileated Post newsletter or on the website. Send to

Thank You to OSNA Work Crews

From mid-March to mid-April, we held numerous work days in Owen Sowerwine Natural Area to identify, mark, and cut mature seed-producing trees of Common Buckthorn, in an effort to slow down the progress of this invasive species. Twenty-four individuals volunteered nearly 250 hours, contributing their time, enthusiasm, and back strength to this effort. We are so very grateful for you!! Thank you to:

Denny Olson, Pat Jaquith, Will Beyer, Rod Wallette, Pam Willison, Jane Adams, Mary Jo Gardner, Dee Manning, Brian Manning, Rick Mace, Gael Bissell, Dan Casey, Darcy Thomas, Sally Cameron Russell, Mike Russell, Karen Nichols, Ben Long, Carole Jorgensen, Cindy Roberts, Tom Roberts, Barbara Schroeder, Rosemary McKinnon, Lynda Saul, and Chris Holdhuzen.