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The rules for sorting corrugated cardboard, paperboard, brown paper bags, and paper egg cartons in the Flathead have changed.

At all county recycling sites, only clean, unwaxed corrugated cardboard should be placed in the Cardboard recycling bin. Corrugated cardboard is three layers of heavy paper, two flat with a wavy one in the middle. All paperboard (single-layer cereal box type cardboard), brown paper bags, and paper egg cartons, should be placed in the Mixed Paper recycling bins. As usual, waxed corrugated cardboard, pizza boxes and other food-soiled corrugated cardboard, and other waxed items like juice and beverage boxes, all go in the trash because there is no market for them.

The Waste Not Project offers informational brochures about the “what and where” of recycling in the Flathead. They have just been updated to reflect these changes. To download these brochures and access other information about recycling in the Flathead, go to