“My Audubon Family” is a phrase I often hear from our board members. We truly are a family and care and support each other whenever needed. I experienced this firsthand, recently, when I needed to leave town for a family emergency and my FAS family had my back (especially VP Darcy, thank you!). The dedication, not only to each other but to the FAS mission and local conservation, is truly impressive. Another phrase I often hear to describe our board, is that we are a “working board.” Except for our Conservation Educator, Denny Olson, we are all volunteers.

Many non-profit boards meet and make decisions, but then decisions are implemented by staff. We are the staff of FAS. The board and committee members work regularly to plan, research, attend, teach, organize, write, mail, pull weeds, bake cookies, and anything else that’s needed. Why am I telling you all this? Because we need more family members!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to jump right in as a board member. We could use help with several specific tasks and need some new voices on our committees. Whatever you have time for. I have been very lucky to help lead this organization for the past two years and I know FAS will be in even better hands with the incoming President. But I’ll continue to enjoy working with this fun group of folks and I hope you’ll consider joining our family!

Good birding!

Cory Davis

Here are just some of the things we could use help with:

  • Outreach/Publicity Committee: help get the word out about our events!
  • Conservation Committee: help write comment letters for local projects that may affect birds.
  • Education Committee: help us create and implement our education program.
  • Field Trip Committee: help us organize and lead field trips.
  • Newsletter: write a Bird of the Month or conservation article for the Pileated Post.
  • Merchandise: help us design and order FAS merchandise.
  • Manage the FAS booth at an event.

Contact Darcy if you’re interested in helping in any way: darcy@flatheadaudubon.org