by Kay Mitchell

This spring, Flathead Audubon applied for a Community Grant from Whitefish Community Foundation. We were barely at half of the $100,000 we needed to raise for the conservation easement on the Owen Sowerwine natural area.

When I typed $10,000 into the box asking how much we were requesting, a little voice in the back of my mind said, “Sure, and we all want to win the Powerball, too.” I assumed we might be fortunate enough to receive $2,000.

On awards night, President Darcy Thomas represented FAS at the ceremony. As the grants were announced, there was no mention of Flathead Audubon. Then suddenly, the Foundation’s staff rolled out a beautiful video showing Owen Sowerwine at its best and announced a Major Community Project Grant of $50,000!

We can never express fully how delighted Flathead Audubon is to “share” Owen Sowerwine with Whitefish Community Foundation and its Circle of Giving members who supported the conservation easement in this way. Our thanks are heartfelt and sincere!
Nature surprises us often. Sometimes, human nature surprises us even more!